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        1. HCRI103R~105R SERIES
          HCRI 104R series Standard Specifications


          • RoHS, Halogen Free and REACH Compliance
          • Magnetic shielded
          • Various package size and wide inductance range


          • AP Routers
          • STBs
          • LCD TVs and monitors
          • Game consoles
          • LED lightings
          • DC/DC converters

          Ordering Code:

          1. Type
          2. Dimensions
          3. Internal code
          4. Inductance?
          5. Inductance Tolerance

          J : ±5%? ? ?K : ±10% L : ±15%
          M : ±20% Y : ±25% T : ±30%

          Shape and Dimensions

          Recommended Pattern

          Dimensions in mm

          HCRI 104R series Standard Specifications
          Part No.InductanceTest Freq.DCR(Ω)Isat(A)ToleranceMarking
          (μH )Max.(±%)
          HCRI104R-1R0□1100 kHz,1 V0.007511301R0
          HCRI104R-1R5□1.5100 kHz,1 V0.008110301R5
          HCRI104R-1R8□1.8100 kHz,1 V0.00958.5301R8
          HCRI104R-2R2□2.2100 kHz,1 V0.01057.5302R2
          HCRI104R-2R5□2.5100 kHz,1 V0.01057.5302R5
          HCRI104R-3R3□3.3100 kHz,1 V0.0136303R3
          HCRI104R-3R8□3.8100 kHz,1 V0.0136303R8
          HCRI104R-4R7□4.7100 kHz,1 V0.0185.7304R7
          HCRI104R-5R2□5.2100 kHz,1 V0.0225.5305R2
          HCRI104R-5R6□5.6100 kHz,1 V0.0275305R6
          HCRI104R-6R8□6.8100 kHz,1 V0.027520,306R8
          HCRI104R-7R0□7100 kHz,1 V0.0274.820,307R0
          HCRI104R-8R2□8.2100 kHz,1 V0.0334.520,308R2
          HCRI104R-100□10100 kHz,1 V0.0354.420,30100
          HCRI104R-150□15100 kHz,1 V0.053.620,30150
          HCRI104R-180□18100 kHz,1 V0.073.520,30180
          HCRI104R-220□22100 kHz,1 V0.0732.920,30220
          HCRI104R-270□27100 kHz,1 V0.092.520,30270
          HCRI104R-330□33100 kHz,1 V0.0932.320,30330
          HCRI104R-390□39100 kHz,1 V0.1282.120,30390
          HCRI104R-470□47100 kHz,1 V0.1282.120,30470
          HCRI104R-560□56100 kHz,1 V0.2131.620,30560
          HCRI104R-680□68100 kHz,1 V0.2131.520,30680
          HCRI104R-820□82100 kHz,1 V0.281.3520,30820
          HCRI104R-101□100100 kHz,1 V0.3041.3520,30101
          HCRI104R-151□150100 kHz,1 V0.5061.1520,30151
          HCRI104R-201□200100 kHz,1 V0.7560.9220,30201
          HCRI104R-221□220100 kHz,1 V0.7560.9220,30221
          HCRI104R-331□330100 kHz,1 V1.090.720,30331
          HCRI104R-471□470100 kHz,1 V1.60.520,30471
          HCRI104R-102□1000100 kHz,1 V40.320,30102

          NOTE: □-tolerance M=±20% / T=±30%
          1.Operating temperature range -40℃~125℃(Including self – temperature rise)
          2.Isat for Inductance drop 35% from its value without current.
          Packaging Specifications

          Dimensions in mm

          TYPETape? DimensionsReel DimensionsQuantity PCS/REEL
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